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Who Can Get Help?

Oakland County Residents who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer or are currently going through breast cancer treatment.

Oakland County Residents who continue to deal with the physical, emotional or financial affects of a previous breast cancer diagnosed.

Please note that the amount is determined by the number of applicants we have; the severity of the need; and the funds available at the time of the request.

How Do I Get Help?

To be considered for support, applicants must provide a doctor's note (on the doctors' letter head) and fill out the form using instructions at the bottom of this page.


Requests can either be electronically submitted or downloaded and sent to the PO Box or email address below.  Please note that a doctor's note must be included, so it could help to have this information in hand to make applying even easier!

Two ways to submit a request for help.

1.  Click here to submit electronically

2. Click here to download

a paper request form


Paper request forms can be mailed or emailed.  Mail to:


A Mother's Wish
P.O Box 173
Lake Orion, MI 48361

or email to

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